New Year - New Apparel

3-2-1...LETS JAM!!!

We are looking forward to 2021 and have a lot of exciting things to share with you this year.
We are kicking off the year with an amazing, limited edition new drop, guaranteed to turn heads and are also offering our best giveaway yet!
We are thrilled to show you our first addition to our catalogue in 2021.  Launching 29th January , our new varsity jackets are being released in a super limited quantity (only 100 have been made) so don’t miss out.
Baseball is Japan’s most popular sport and we wanted to celebrate the game with a classic unisex sportswear silhouette with a Saikou twist.  The jacket is button up, with elasticated cuffs and hem. The print on the back showcases a powerful silhouette and incorporates the synthwave elements seen in our Electric City drop.
The hood bears the Saikou name in bold lettering and is completely detachable. This allows you to tailor the jacket to your style, seamlessly transitioning from streetwear to sportswear, while maintaining its comfort, wearability, and versatility that you can feel confident wearing.
We have been eager to finally unveil our debut 2021 apparel piece and we are super excited to hear what you all think.
Remember though, we have only made 100 of these beautiful pieces and are very unlikely to get more. If this is your jam, make sure to grab one early to avoid disappointment.
Also, we did mention a competition too...
To celebrate the new year we are looking back at last year, and commemorating 2020, by offering one of you the chance to win our favourite from last years range.
How do you enter?
Details can be found by following the link below:
We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us in 2020, and a big thankyou to everyone who bought something in the January Sales (it was a crazy time packing all that up for you). 2021 looks bright for Saikou and we’re delighted that you will be accompanying us on this journey.

The Saikou Team


Pulled an all nighter for this varsity jacket. The merch here is so sick, great job to the people who designed it :D

Netty January 29, 2021

I need this, god I hope it comes out soon, been waiting for this thing all day.

Elliot January 29, 2021

Just waiting not so patiently for the varsity jacket to come out….I want!!! I need!!

Nate Park January 29, 2021

Saikou Team, huge thanks to all you’ve done. The quality of videos you all produce parallels your taste in your clothing line. Keep up all the great work.

Trevor January 29, 2021

I am getting this so bad. Jesus, the detachable hoodie is such a great idea.

Andreas January 29, 2021

Loving all the merch!! Beyond happy to support you guys <3

Mackenzie January 28, 2021

Have bought two things from this, and it truly is the ‘youtuber merch that doesn’t look like youtuber merch’ I love it, its fantastic and keep it up! I want to see more of this line!

Dustin January 28, 2021

What time does the jacket drop? And what time zone as I live in US Central I wonder.

Marcus Moreno January 28, 2021

I absolutely love being able to wear youtube merch without it looking like “youtube merch”. I had a couple kind of chuckle while looking at my beanie and I realized they could read it! I was recently hitting the slops in the mountains wearing my big brain beanie and a fellow member of the FF movement was on the chairlift with me!! Pretty wild and super cool!!! Love this channel and love the brand. Here is to hoping I am able to get a jacket as well! Cheers from Canada!!

Zach January 28, 2021

Yo Ross (and Maisie(?) too)
Bust wanted to say I got your backpack for my start at the University and a big brain beanie because well it’s cold. Both of em are really nice quality and help me everyday
Ly <3

Timon January 28, 2021

Hey Ross, just wanted to say this is my first time on Saikou and everything looks amazing. Great job on all the clothing, and thanks for all your effort

Riccardo Campana January 26, 2021

Great Merch !!

Arizona January 26, 2021

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