Spring Cleaning In Saikou Has Its Perks!

Hi All,

It’s been a busy month but that is all the Knowledge Demon Tshirts finally printed, packaged and shipped out. Thank you to everyone who bought one, supporting both Saikou and Fact Fiend.

If you didn’t manage to grab one worry not, as we have another hyped drop coming soon, make sure you are signed up to our emails and newsletter to get updates on the run up to the launch and ensure you don’t miss out.

Let’s just say missing this one could be a matter of ‘LIFE and DEATH’ ☯



If you were lucky enough to grab a Saikou X Fact Fiend shirt we’d love to see photos of you wearing them, so make sure to tag us in your snaps.


We also have a very exciting announcement for you; while doing some Spring Cleaning we came across a box containing something very choice. In the bowels of Saikou HQ we uncovered a trove containing a small amount of one of our best selling items ever…



Yes… we found a forgotten box of Varsity Jackets!  We know people were disappointed to have missed out on these the first time, and we only have a very limited number (less than a hundred) so make sure not to miss out on this unexpected restock.  On sale Friday 30th April.



On the topic of bringing things back, we have listened to you and have seen all of your comments about the utility bags and realised that we couldn’t be without them on our store. We have reissued the Saikou Utility Waist Pack and inducted it into our Tensai core range in time for you to grab one for the coming summer, these are going to be must have accessories again this year. We know you all loved them, so we now we have them back in stock. Never leave us again Utility Waist Pack!



Until Next Month

Stay Safe

Team Saikou

見ぬが花。 -Minu ga hana  - (Reality can't compete with imagination)


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