Oni Fangs Mask - Saikou Apparel
Oni Fangs Mask - Saikou Apparel

Oni Fangs Mask

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Face mask featuring Oni Fangs.  Celebrate our Electric City Collection with a synth wave take on classic Oni Fangs with Saikou branding.

Whether you choose to use your mask for fashion, pollen protection, ease social anxiety, or to protect your face from the elements : Saikou offers you a stylish solution. The kanji reads “Gomennasai”; a common Japanese apology; and is accompanied by its English equivalent, “I’m Sorry”. Fashionable street wear for any season.

Art by VYX Designs

• 100% Polyester 

• Weight: 15g

• Sublimated Print

• Dimensions : 17.5cm x 12cm

• Pocket for Filter

One Size fits all.

Masks are sold without a filter and therefore should be not be used as primary protection against bacteria and infections