Sage of Secrets Shirt - Fact Fiend Pre order


This is a Preorder - Preorders will continue until November 8th and sent at the end of November.

The Fact Fiend, a small book-reading gremlin-monster has been the beloved mascot for the YouTube channel Fact Fiend for almost a decade now, but have you ever wondered what it'd look like as a kick-ass anime character

Well, wonder no more, as realised by artist Baby Senpai, the Fact Fiend is now the Sage of Secrets

Wielding dual swords, one of which carries upon it an ancient, forbidden knowledge, the Sage of Secrets is committed to guarding the mysteries of the blade as much as she is her own mysterious heritage. Her identity is hidden behind a simple yet striking mask that evokes the legendary and mischievous Kitsune, the Sage of Secrets' beauty belies a fiendish temperament.

Her goals remain unclear, but what we do know is that the Sage will not rest until all who have gazed upon the secrets she guards have fallen to the very sword that contains them. The fox spirits she keeps for company will see to that.

Black shirt featuring an original piece of art on the Front
Art by Baby Senpai

  • 100% semi-combed Ringspun cotton
  • Weight: Black – 160gm/m² 
  • Digitally Printed front print

Sizing has been provided as per the manufacturer's values and due to monitor differences, actual colours may vary slightly from what appears online.

For best results, we recommend washing this product inside out to protect the print.

** Other items ordered with this product will be reserved until the Knowledge Demon Tshirt is produced and all items will be shipped together. If you wish to receive your other items sooner please process them as a separate basket**

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