DUALITY Drops & New Pins Heading Your Way!

Welcome Back to another run down of what’s been going on at Saikou.

It’s been a really productive few months for us and we’re preparing to bring you some exciting news and content in the second half of the year, but before we start looking to far forward lets take a second to look back.
At the end of last month we launched our long awaited ‘DUALITY’ collection.
We gave you the opportunity to choose Wish or Curse – The Choice Is Yours
You voted and Curse came out overwhelmingly on top; celebrate your imperfections!
Checkout the DUALITY products and curated playlists for each bundle right now.



In Asian culture there is tradition of two complementary forces that make up all aspects of life.  Working in harmony to make the simple and the extraordinary possible. As fans of a sleek monochromatic look we aimed to bring that to life in the DUALITY collection and wanted to share with you the meaning behind the iconography we decided to use when developing the Wish and Curse bundles. 


 For our white coloured wish bundle we wanted to capture wonderment and optimism and couldn’t think of anything more fitting than the Daruma Doll.

The Daruma doll is a hollow, round, Japanese traditional doll modelled after Bodhidharma, the founder of the zen tradition of Buddhism. These dolls, though typically red, depict a Bodhidharma as the bearded man. Daruma are traditionally painted with only one eye coloured in and the owner will only paint the second eye when their wishes have come true. The dolls are seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck, making them a popular gift of encouragement.



For our black themed curse range we wanted to find something that imbodied the wonderful imperfections we all have that make us totally unique. The kodoku poison bottles captured the tone of darkness with self-empowerment perfectly.

To create kodoku, sorcerers would mix several insects in a jar, and let them kill one another until only one survived. The fluids of the insect that survived would be used to poison an individual with a curse that would control them, cause them misfortune, or kill them. The remaining insect could also be used as a sort of "luck charm" granting the one who performed the ritual great wealth. In return the owner is supposed to feed the bug. Neglecting to do so would enrage the insect, if the owner does not equivalently repay the insect by placing all his or her riches beside a road, plus interest in gold and silver, the insect would devour the home owner.
These designs are our latest style of the oversized T-shirt and mask sets. We realised that sometimes keeping the designs simple and striking on a plain T can carry more weight and give a flexible, baggy yet deliberate style in streetwear.
If you haven’t had the pleasure of perusing our DUALITY collection you can click on the image below.


We think they look great with a range of stylisation option :  wear neck accessories, wear it with jeans, shorts or even with a belt around it to give it a clean waist dress look. Its your style, so you own it. Wear it your way.
Show us #Saikou21


We know a lot of you love to get a little behind the scenes as well so we thought we would share some unused and behind camera shots from our photoshoot. This was our coolest shoot to date with some amazing work getting done in some awe-inspiring locations around Glasgow.


Hopefully you enjoyed this look into our development process, we were so happy with the dedicated work our team put into developing DUALITY we couldn’t help but share it!  We loved making these items and can’t wait to get feedback from you, and hear your thoughts and opinions, as they start arriving with you across the world.
We spoke in our last blog about Gacha’Pin volume 2 being on the horizon, well we are happy to finally be able to announce that they will be available to purchase late July and will have a mochi/dessert theme.
And here is our first Mallow-y Boy.


Until Next Time Stay safe and take care of each other.

Team Saikou

七転び八起き - Fall seven times and stand up eight

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