Our First Collab Of 2021!

If you’ve joined in the fun you’ll have noticed we have had an exciting month at Saikou Apparel, showcasing our collaboration with Karl Smallwood and Fact Fiend.
This month we are doing something a little different in the blog and introducing you to Karl and what he does on the ‘Fact Fiend’ Youtube channel. We teamed up with Karl and his crew to design and produce a very exclusive T-shirt drop that we were completely in love with and obviously you were too; preorders went fantastically thanks to your support.

In keeping with Karl and his wicked love of facts that you didn’t even know needed answering, we thought we would give you a little taster of our favourite Karl videos spanning the world of Japan, Gaming and Anime.
Lets take it back to the 11th century where a 16 year old Japanese warrior fighting in the siege of Kanezawa carried on for his cause with a horrific injury …He took an arrow straight to the eye!
His injuries made Kamakura Gongoro Kagemasa a little sleepy and after the battle took a rest. Once asleep a fellow warrior thought he would take the arrow out of Kamakuras eye and strangely enough Kamakura didn’t take to kindly to it. This teenager had all sort of adrenaline and strange things going on and after a little telling off (to put it mildly) he allowed the warrior to take the arrow out his eye.
How did Kagemasa go from injured teen to one of the most respected and feared warriors in Japan? Karl has all the answers.
Lets fast forward to the 1990s and the war of the games consoles was raging like the fires of Mount Doom
Sega had to sell their Sega Saturns and needed something that people in Japan would remember …enter the machine that is Segata Sanshiro. This ass kicking mascot made sure that people played Sega systems. You have to see this to believe it. Some say he was a marketing ploy…some say he was a legend. You decide for yourself by checking out this brilliant video.
Speaking of legends, Naruto is one of the most popular anime series, not only in Japan, but the world. What crazy fact does Karl have on this? Well, Naruto’s designer has an odd fascination with drawing feet! Artists all have a style and way of putting their artistry mark and making it their own but the artist Masashi Kishimoto loves to draw feet so much so that he makes sure that all the characters in Naruto have open toed sandals just so he can draw toes.
Karl explores the full story here:
Hopefully Karl has imparted some knowledge on you, that now makes you a Knowledge Demon!
If you managed to grab yourself your Knowledge Demon T-Shirt then wear it with pride and make all your friends jealous with your new exclusive piece of merchandise; and all this extra facts that you have picked up.
We will have some more amazing new drops coming soon so why not sign up to the newsletter as more cool things will be happening.

Stay safe until next time
Team Saikou


Very sad that I missed this awesome collab…

Aaron Burkhart April 05, 2022

I was lucky enough to snag one during the drop but it’s shrunk since then, or I got fat, and I was wondering if this will ever come back.

Jack April 05, 2022

I came here in hopes the design was still up. sad…

Ozzy Z. August 25, 2021

We are so glad you loved this collab and between you and us, we have actually ordered a few more which we will be releasing at some point this year as we know some customers missed out on these. Stay tuned on that one we have plans on these amazing T-shirts

Team Saikou June 14, 2021

Will this ever be in stock again?

Daniel Smith June 14, 2021

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