Phase 2 Is In Full Swing

With Summer in full flow and our ‘Core Collection’ about to launch, phase 2 of Saikou is underway.  We’re going to give you a preview of what you can expect on Friday when the full collection launches.
Its going to be an exciting weekend. Expect new T-shirts, the new beanie and for the long awaited, joggers (!) as well as sweaters and summer shorts; all with a focus on detail and quality.
To get you ready we thought we would give you some preview shots to show you how we styled these products and get you vibing with what we have in store.

Anthracite, white and blue Spray Ts


 Ibby & Shannen are wearing the grey and black split sweater and black joggers


Ziggy is wearing the white spray T with the black shorts


Shannen is wearing the anthracite Spray T and the joggers

Summer is here and Saikou isn’t going to let you down with these summer pieces.
Follow our socials to keep updated on all Core Collection info.
Let us know what you’re excited about from the collection, or make suggestions on what you’d like to see as we proceed with Phase 2.
See you all Friday!

Team Saikou

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