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Standing at the top of what felt like the north face of the Eiger, you look over and see the sea of pop coloured graffiti and street art below. The perfect bowls ready to take whatever you have to throw at it, tricks, runs, even a fall or two. The exhilaration, the confidence that you can do anything on your deck.
Last month we visited Renfrew skatepark and had a total blast. It was a truly awesome day and we wanted to share it with you, and give you a bit of insight into what’s going on behind the scenes at Saikou.

The skate scene is once again growing with the Olympics producing some superstars, we wanted to see how the local skate scene was shaking up and give some free Saikou merch to everyone at the park. Plus it was a good excuse to get out the office and get into the sun.
We know that everybody has a different look and style that gives them confidence, so this was a great time to chat to some of the skaters and see what they thought of our new lines and for us to see what they looked like in the bowl!
We were amazed to see what these skaters could do and how great they looked in our gear. We got a lot of attention from bystanders and young skaters and scooter riders also got involved and were rewarded with some Saikou apparel.
We got so much excellent feedback and ideas on how to style our apparel for a day at the skatepark. Off the back of this we will even be doing some future blogs about deconstructing our clothing to get an striking new look.



The guys and gals at the park were absolutely lovely, and we had a fantastic day just hanging out with them soaking up the good weather and the skater vibes.  Everyone we met that day was beyond supportive and were legitimately excited about future launches and getting involved with #Saikou21 .  

A massive thank you to everyone who showed up for our impromptu skate jam, especially those who let us photograph them.  If you want to keep up with any of these stand-up members of the Renfrew skate community you can @davidgemmellsb @the_realstruan @scabbie.ducat

If you follow us on our socials you will have already seen a few extra images we’ve released and we want to give you a lot more cool and interesting stuff to be part of.
Our day out at the skatepark was one we are very keen to repeat so if you know of any striking UK skateparks with an active scene who would like to get involved with Saikou and get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

Are you wearing any of our products as sport wear?
Are you popping sick ollies or that kickflip you have just mastered in Saikou gear?
We would love to see it!  Tag us #Saikou2021

 Stay tuned for more

Stay safe
Team Saikou

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