Are These The Ugliest Holiday Jumpers?

Tis the season to be silly

Saikou have always put a big focus on our hoodies and zippers, making them a centrepiece of some of our collections.  Something we have never dabbled in is Christmas Jumpers.  While doing a little bit of research into what people actually want out of Christmas Jumpers we found some absolutely outstanding examples of the craft.

We thought today we’d have a little fun and share some of the more silly and risqué sweaters that seem to be out there.

1 – Deck the Halls!

A lot of people take pride in decorating their homes at Christmas. A lot of people also take it too far at times. When these people ran out of space on their tree they saw some prime real estate on their jumper to spruce up with holiday cheer.

2 – The Candy Man

Everybody loves a Candy Cane!

The best way to make any friends is at a social gathering is by handing out candy!

This guy knows it! Nothing screams party like a candy cane coated in sweater fluff! yyuummm!!!


3 – The True Meaning of the Holiday

Its easy to get caught up in the commercialism of the holiday season. These people will not let you, even if it means sacrificing the front of their jumper! With the nativity plastered all over their chest they are touch of religion to their festive fashion.


4 –Jesus’ Birthday Suit

Men haven’t always been known for making the most astute fashion decisions and it turns out when it comes to the holiday season not much changes. The beer holder isn’t so bad… but the other fella might as well not be wearing a jumper at all for all the favours it’s doing him.


5 – Somehow Safe For Work

We promised you something a little risqué so here goes.

These are truly awful. At no other time in the year could you get away with this sort of attire to an office party. Do all senses of sensibility go out the window with a few brandies and Baileys… it would seem so.


6 – The Guests of Honour

Bringing a celebrity to your family dinner has always been a dream of mine so I can respect these pioneers for dreaming big but is a Christmas jumper the best medium of inclusion? Musicians, Politicians you name it there they are on a jumper. No celebrity is safe from that holiday sweater treatment.


We hope we haven’t scarred you too much (maybe even inspired some of you?) with what we were able to find on Christmas Jumper deep dive. We definitely had a laugh in office with these.

But the question still remains, should Saikou do a Christmas Jumper?
Can we compete with these outstanding displays of fashion?
If you have any strong thoughts let us know in the comments or on our social medias.

We all want to wish you a very warm safe and hopefully stylish holiday season with friends and family.

Thankyou for supporting us over the last year, its been a total blast and we have some huge new items and news coming early 2022 so keep your eyes peeled.

We want to leave you with our personal favourite jumper that just leaves us asking “Why?”

Happy Holidays Everybody from all at Team Saikou

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