Countdown List Of Squid Game Costumes! What's Your Favourite?

Firstly…This is a spoiler free zone so if you are one of the very few people who still haven’t seen the show you have nothing to fear by reading on.

Following on from the massive success of the South Korea mega series, and carrying on with our Halloween theme, we thought we would give you our top 5 costumes that were used in the series.

We’re going straight in with the quintessential guard outfit. with interchangeable helmet covers

This bold red jumpsuit is a central topic surrounding many discussions about its symbolism. It has been debated that the color red (or deep rich pink) opens up a darker side to the jumpsuit; symbolising battles, courage and anger. Their black belts and harness combo can be interpreted as a tool of entrapment or suppression; others have suggested that they emphasise authority and a level depravity. What do you think?

The VIP masks are reminiscent of something from a venetian ball and controversially an outfit that some fans were not overly happy with. The VIPs play an important role in ‘the Game’ while their characters left a lot to be desired, the animal masks they wore stole the show.

The mysterious masks are full of glamour and shine. This could be seen to emulate the richness and the glamour that these VIPs exude, the exact opposite of what the contestants in the game are experiencing. The reflective materials used to construct the masks may be a nod to the fact that the VIPS are trying to hide behind them, reflecting attention from themselves and obfuscating their intentions.

These sorts of small details definitely show the depths the Squid Games costume designers went to and the thought that was put into even minor characters.

The leader of the guards.

The striking black mask and long metallic coat come together in an unsettling way to scream out: intimidating villain! Some have called him the ‘Front Man’. The all-black look brings an air of menace to the character with intimidating screen presence and mysterious background (again no spoilers!!). The thing that got everyone talking is his mask. Symmetry and geometry are utilised here to the create a sense of enigma and uneasy uncanny valley feelings. The director Hwang has been quoted as saying that the mask is actually homage to Star Wars baddie Darth Vader, but we see a little of Star Foxes Andros in thee too!

In at the second spot surprisingly is the iconic teal tracksuit. These relaxed fitting tracksuits are like something you would go for a run in, or attire to pick up the kids from school; lulling you into a false sense of comfort to the true role the wearers have to face. It is a strong juxtaposition between the stark contrast of relaxed tracksuit feel and the alarming, regimented, life-imperilling danger they are in.

The teal color can been seen as a color of peace or even rebirth, potentially hinting at what the successful contestants could achieve. Expect to see a lot of these tracksuits this Halloween as people take the easy was out and try to pay homage to this worldwide sensation.

The doll from the Red Light Green Light game is stealing the top spot.

How creeped out did she make you feel? The character is well known in Korean culture and is called Younghee. Despite the thought that something this scary could only be the product of vivid imagination, the doll was based on an old Korean tale. In the tales of Younghee and her friend Chulsoo (the boy) re-enact embarrassing or strange childhood memories – a definite link to the importance of past mistakes in Squid Games (again NO SPOILERS – But if you know then you know!)

Clearly an iconic look for the show and how something so innocent can be twisted into a menacing harbinger of death.  This look is going to dominate Halloween parties this year as its simple to put together but so effective at striking fear with just a yellow Tshirt and a plain orange dress.

Well that wraps up our countdown of some pretty impressive and well thought out looks in this phenomenal Netflix show. What do you think? Was their any symbolism we missed or maybe an outstanding outfit we overlooked?

We hope you enjoyed this little exposition and exploration into something not entirely streetwear or apparel related. Be sure to follow us on all the standard socials for more insight and to keep up with what going on in Saikou HQ.

If you haven’t already check out Saikou’s homage to this awesome series by clicking on the image below.

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