Heidi Klum Halloween – On a Budget

Model, presenter and America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum is no stranger to the ghoulish world of Halloween. In many circles she is lauded with the honour of undisputed Queen Of Halloween!

Her parties each year are for the glitterati and the who’s who of showbiz get bigger and bigger each year. Imagine the Met Gala but with a Tim Burton twist...that’s what we’re talking about here!

What Heidi is going to wear each year is always a centre-piece of the celebration and is closely guarded secret until the big reveal and her grand entrance. People love to see what she will be showcasing from her ghoulish wardrobe and even more love to speculate what it might be with the bread crumb clues she litters around.

We thought we’d review some of Heidi’s amazing outfits and how you can do these yourself…on a budget of course. Find out how you too can host your very own showbiz Heidi Klum inspired extravaganza… on a budget.

Here's Our Top 5


“Who’s the mummy?”

Her whole family dressed in matching mummy outfits with her kids in 2020, really getting behind the spirit of Halloween even though they had to do it alone at home during a lockdown. This was the first time Heidi included her children publicly in her Halloween celebrations and by the looks of things they had a total blast. Even making a short movie!


So we thought that this would be a great one to start with and even get the whole family once again to be part of your special spooky event.
Great place to start if we’re talking about doing it on a budget! You could very easily get the entire family in matching mummy outfits and it won’t cost you a lot! All you would need is a few dozen toilet rolls (cheapest variety available) and a set of mummy masks that you can pick up from the Halloween section of any supermarket. Job done!
And once the event is over you won’t be hurting you’ll have lots of toilet roll to clean up the mess!



In 2019 Heidi donned a silver sparkle dress, applied sparkle paint to her legs and arms and dyed her hair a vibrant green to attend Paris Hilton’s Spooky bash.

This is really straight forward but effective look to emulate. We think that this one is actually rather fun yet casual and all you would need is a shiny dress or even a sparkly suit jacket...

and apply lashings and lashings or silver body paint then raid a craft store of their bottle of childrens craft glitter. EZ PZ!
We do feel terrible for whoever’s party you choose to attend though as they will be finding glitter in their carpets until next Halloween (much like when your ‘friend’ gave you an envelope full of glitter for your 30th birthday).


Michael Jacksons Thriller!

It wouldn’t be a Halloween without somebody jamming this track on at the party. Heidi took it one step further and brought it to life in 2017.

Varsity Jacket, turned up jeans, white socks and black loafers with an impressive Werewolf mask to completed the look. Heidi also enlisted a clan of zombies to follow her around to give it the full impact of the theme.

To be honest this one is unsurprisingly quite easy to do at home. You will need the help of some friends as your backup ‘zombies’ to get the full Heidi effect, mind you. An old varsity or colourful sports jacket, a plain pair of jeans with a little work on the cuffs to keep the turnups in place, bright white socks and that pair of basic go to black shoes. Werewolf masks are plentiful this time of year as well.
You could even turn it into a full dance routine and make it the spectacle of the party folk will be talking about for weeks.


We’re going back a bit here, but in 2010 Heidi took on a Halloween classic with the Heidi twist. Obviously going that bit extra she walked the full length of her red carpet event in stilts. The costume needed to convey weight to be believed and this was achieved with a base was purple latex and the top of high gloss plastic and metal to give a real lumbering feel.

Now we are not saying Heidi did it wrong but she certainly didn’t do this one on a budget. However we may have the solution for all you aspiring robots out there.
If you happened to checkout our advert for the Rossboomsock costume we sold earlier this month, then you might see where we’re going with this….

We honestly think that Heidi herself would be jealous of this costume. Basic cardboard box, for the body and head, aluminium foil wrap to get the metallic look and then a bunch of household rubbish for knobs and dials. The attention to detail is immaculate and the costume is ~striking~.
This sort of Robot costume can be made really cheaply but is an absolute joy to construct. It’s a blank canvas that lets your imagination run wild and will definitely be remembered.

Everybody Looking The Same!

In 2016 Heidi arrived in the latest in Victoria Secret garments. What’s so Halloween about that? Well she also turned up with a half dozen clones of herself, which actually edged in to the creepy uncanny valley territory.

This is straight forward one for you and a few friends. All head to a cheap clothing retailer and all of you buy the same set of items. The more friends and family you can get to do this look the more impact and cult like its gonna look!

 Heidi Klum’s red-carpet Halloween party is the biggest event in some celebrities calendars. Offering the world a glimpse of what costumes are possible with vast amount of wealth and effort. You don’t have to do it to her scale to have the same scale of fun though!
Hopefully we’ve inspired you to do something a bit daring this year with your costumes, even if you don’t splash out on them.
We’d love to see your costumes this year or the best bits of any cool parties you attend.
Have we missed out on your favourite Heidi costume?
Do you have any suggestions for cheap but effective Halloween costumes? (stay away from anything on this list though)
Let us know in the comments section or show us your outfits using #saikou21 on our social. Delight us or scare the living soul out of us; BRING IT ON!
Until next time everybody.
Stay Safe and have a spooktactualr time at your event


Team Saikou

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