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Happy New Year!

At the very tail end of last year we brought you an unannounced extension to our ARCANA range, dropping the Sun, Moon and Star T-shirts simultaneously with our Boxing Day sale. We have been totally bowled over by how popular the ARCANA range has become and the support the community is throwing behind it.  Like we did when we launched the collection initially we want to delve into the meaning behind the cards to provide a bit more background to the cryptic meaning behind the tarot cards that inspire our range.

Tarot Sun Meaning –

Traditionally this card depicts an infant riding a white horse under the anthropomorphic sun.  We took some liberties turning the child into a badass looking shogun warrior but maintained the sereneness of the piece and ensured to utilise the flower motifs from the tarot origins.

The Sun tarot signifies the universe coming together and agreeing with your path. It is the affirmation of your true self and the acknowledgement you have made the correct choices.

This card is generally considered positive. It reflects happiness, joy, vitality, self-confidence, harmony and success. Sometimes referred to as the best card in Tarot, it represents good things and positive outcomes to current struggles.

The Moon Meaning –

The Moon tarot card traditionally depicts a night scene, where two large pillars are shown. A wolf and a domesticated dog howl at the moon while crayfish emerge from the water. Our twist keeps the canines while introducing a kitsune and glorifying all the phases of the moon

The Moon is described as representing life of the imagination and life of the spirit. The dog and wolf are the fears of the natural mind while the light of the moon is the intellectual light challenging the mystery of the unknown. The card therefore is representative of some form of deceit in your life that you have to find the truth in, or maybe a truth you have to admit to yourself.

The card can if reversed signifies instability, unhappiness or encourage you to listen to your dreams and inner thoughts. Quite an interesting and enigmatic card for sure!

The Star Meaning –

The final card we’re going to have a look at completes the trifecta from our December drop; The Star. This card traditionally depicts a naked woman kneeling by water; one foot is in the water and one foot is on the land with a guiding star overhead. Our take so her don a kimono and shift the setting to a brook near a bamboo field for an authentically Asian scene.

The large star represents your core essences, and the smaller stars represent the chakras.

The star card is often scene to represent inspiration. It indicates new hope and that you are blessed to be present in the universe at this time. A reversed Star card can indicate self indulgence and the need to move on from the moment or an opportunity missed.

The Star card is obviously a positive and a negative omen and can make for a very interesting reading depending how it is interpreted.

We have been loving building the ARCANA range and can’t wait to bring you more design this month.  We also plan on doing a spotlight, in the near future, on the designer who has by himself almost finished the entire tarot deck for this range!

We love to hear your thoughts on our ranges! Have you been enjoying ARCANA?  What cards would you like to see next?

Let us know in the comments section or even head over to our social media platforms and shout it from the rooftops that you want a specific card added to the list.

Until Next time Stay Safe and look after each other

 Team Saikou

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