'Love' Each Turn Of The Card

With the release of our latest addition to our ARCANA range, we’ve decided to dive back into the lore and give you an insight into the meaning of behind the iconic cards that inspired this awesome apparel.


The first of our new releases is 'The Lovers' ARCANA.

The traditional depiction of the Lovers tarot shows a man and a women knelt in front of tree; perhaps symbolising the garden of Eden.  We decided to go with two gorgeous geishas as our lovers, gazing longingly into each others eyes in a garden of lotus flowers. 

When this card shows up it represents relationships and choices. Its appearance in a spread indicates some decision about an existing relationship, a temptation of the heart, or a choice of potential partners.  While The Lovers card typically refers to a romantic tie, it can also represent a close friendship or family relationship where platonic love is present.

On a more personal level, the card represents getting a clear mind about your values and beliefs. Encouraging you to reconsider your personal philosophy, staying true to yourself and establish a strong belief system for you to be true in all your endeavours.

A reversed lovers represent you being out of sync with those around you. You may find your relationships are strained and communication is challenging. One person may be more emotionally involved than the other, and this gap could lead to disappointment and insecurities for that party.

As with all relationships, there's good and bad, and the Lovers are no exception.


We enjoyed the paradigm shift, and the juxtaposition, between the Lovers and the lone figure of the Hermit so decided to release them alongside each other. Reminding you that there can be comfort in your own company.


The Hermit is often depicted as an old man carrying a staff and a lantern. Our artist took some liberties and instead of an old man illustrated a grizzled Ronin with katana and lantern traversing the wilderness; a lone wolf carrying an air of spiritual mystery. The Hermit choses his own path, prioritising self-discovery and development hoping to achieve a sense of higher awareness.

The lantern in his hand is a symbol of wisdom. The lamp will always light the way on that path of self-discovery. The lamp however will only show the few steps in front of you and unaware of what the entire journey may have in store!

If this card is upright or facing the right way it signifies you should do some soul searching, or are in need of inner guidance. Reversed the card is indicative of isolation, withdrawal and loneliness with sadness holding you back in your search for your true self.

Do not fear though, the eternal lamp will  help you through on your next movement as you continue your path you will find inner strength and your personal truth.

If you haven’t already, go and checkout the other blog explaining the meaning behind the Sun, Moon, and Star ARCANA shirts. If you missed these fear not a restock is on its way … but in the meantime why not treat yourself to the brand new Lover or Hermit launching January 28th.

 At Saikou we hope to bring you a level of enlightenment, understanding and education with our range of ARCANA t-shirts.

Who knows what the deck will show next time around…

Stay tuned

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