Fact Fiend Live, Knowledge Demon 2.0 and some Big Wangers!

You may remember this time last year Saikou took part in a collaboration with the awesome people over at the Fact Fiend – With Karl Smallwood YouTube channel. If you don’t remember you can get some background on Karl and his channel from last years blog post here.

We got our designers to create and east Asian take on Fact Fiend’s iconic logo and turned It into an eye-catching back print to make a pretty sick looking T-shirt. We had a lot of fun working with Karl and his team and raised a tonne of money for Jerry Greens Dog Charity.  

In February Karl reached out to us and asked if we wanted to come down as his guests to Fact Fiend live in Sheffield, so without hesitation, the car was packed and a chunk of the Saikou team headed to Sheffield for a couple of evenings of fact-fuelled-fun.

We met some amazing people from the Fact Fiend fandom, some of them even wearing last years collab shirt, but undoubtedly the highlight of the event for us was when Ross (Saikou boss man) finally answered the gauntlet Karl threw down for a Smash Brothers Showdown.

With a wager (and pride) on the line no quarters were offered but in the end Ross managed to scrape out a win in a closely fought best of three series. The contender from the North has triumphed and a donation was made to Kirkintilloch Cat Centre.

If you want to see Karls take on the night and even get yourself some Fact Fiend pub quiz questions checkout his video below.

We had so much fun hanging out with the Fact Fiend team that both parties knew we had to work together on something in the near future; so we pitched them Knowledge Demon 2.0

Fast forward a month and we not only have two amazing Fact Fiend X Saikou Apparel pieces of clothing to bring you but Saikou will also be hosting Karl’s new personal merchandise range for the foreseeable future (which launches on the same day as the pre-order for Knowledge Demon 2.0).

These zippers and t-shirts will only be available to pre-order for just over two weeks (22nd April – 8th May) and will be printed once only.  If you want to get your hands on this exclusive garment sent yourself a reminder to not miss the pre-order window as once it closes it’s never coming back!

If you already follow Karl, and the Fact Fiend gang, then you can also check out the rest of their merch here .

Embrace the BIG WANGER lifestyle!!


We love to hear your thoughts on what we do so just drop us a comments below! Do you want to suggest your favourite YouTuber who you would like to see get the Saikou twist added to their merch range?



Until next time keep seeking those fun facts and stay safe

Team Saikou


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